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HostEZ's Terraria dedicated servers?
HostEZ specializes in dedicated game servers for adventure games like Terraria. We know what it takes to run Terraria dedicated servers, so you can trust us to deliver a smooth experience.
Terraria is an adventure and survival game with a unique retro look and perspective. The game offers multiplayer cooperative and supports dedicated servers.
Terraria Dedicated Servers
Terraria Dedicated Game Servers
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What makes HostEZ Terraria Servers different?

    HostEZ's Terraria Game Servers benefit from our signature high quality hardware with redundant high-availability systems. We have duplicate hardware, which allows us to switch to a backup to avoid downtime for you. Most game server hosts do not offer this.
  • Do I need to forward my ports/router/firewall to use this?

    No, our dedicated servers will be accessible to any person with an internet connection. That means you do not need to forward ports on your router to play with friends. Satisfactory servers also include a free Dedicated IP address.
  • What access do I have to the server?

    You can customize your server as much as you would like: you have full access to the server files through our control panel.
  • What do I need to do to set up?

    First, configure and purchase your server below. Next, connect to the control panel and customize your server. Last, connect to the server and play!
  • How long does it take for a server to be ready?

    Terraria Dedicated Servers are deployed quickly. Please wait for up to 10 minutes after purchase for your server to be ready. Then log in to your control panel and start the server.
  • What is your refund policy and how can I cancel?

    You can cancel the next billing cycle at any time using the client portal or by contacting support. Note that orders are not refundable.
Terraria Dedicated Server Hosting - North America and Europe


1 vCPU AMD EPYC or Similar
512MB of RAM and 3GB Storage
3 backup allocations
Includes control panel and file access
Includes tShock pre-installed


1 vCPU AMD EPYC or Similar
1GB of RAM and 5GB Storage
3 backup allocations
Includes control panel and file access
Includes tShock pre-installed


1 vCPU AMD EPYC or Similar
2GB of RAM and 8GB Storage
3 backup allocations
Includes control panel and file access
Includes tShock pre-installed
Game Server Features
See how we help Terraria Dedicated Server owners
feature 1 Security & Connectivity
HostEZ strives for 99.8% annual uptime and protection from attacks. See our pings to different countries. Security updates are quick, planned and optimized for uptime.
feature 2 Deployed Rapidly
For Terraria Dedicated servers, get started in under 10 minutes. You and your friends can start playing faster!
feature 3 EZ Control Panel
Quickly manage your server with just a few clicks. Start, stop, add administrators, access your files and make customizations.

About HostEZ.io

At HostEZ, we share your values and strive to deliver reliable and quality services for low latency gaming.
  • High quality peering and low latency:
    The best locations and datacenters
  • Locations:
    Virginia US, Dallas US, Los Angeles US, London, UK
  • Safety:
    Data security and privacy, prioritizing security over uptime
  • Rapid Deployment:
    Get a server quickly and start your gameplay experience faster
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